English Speakers

This festival is for everyone. Have patience while we translate the site.
Our sustainability festival celebrates lifelong learning and interdisciplinary environmental science. We want to help make learning fun! Music, theatre, outdoor activities, and workshops where you investigate and build stuff make it an engaging day for the whole family. There will also be an instructive quiz walk in english.

Kids love the “Professor Gullström” books by local, Östergötland, author Roland Arvidsson. The Professor and his gang of innovative friends host the festival which keeps it fun. The event usually takes place in Vadstena the first weekend in July (same as “Sommarknäppen”). Hope to see you there. In the meantime, make sustainable choices and stay curious!

Watch this video that shows how the Swedes have been successfully working on environmental issues for a long time.

“Sweden’s eco-history: how a small country became big in cleantech.”

Video by SymbioCity